Exhibitors 2017

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Name Segment Country Hal + Stand
A.L. KIDS Mozaïek Belgium 9-413
ACOMODEL Square Spain 3-401
AKANTE Square France 3-403
ALCOS Mozaïek Belgium 9-200
ALSAPAN City France 4-004
AVANTI BY DEZ City Belgium 5-402
Avek Brussels by night Netherlands 6-204
BAKER FURNITURE Fusion United Kingdom 8-209
BARDI City Italy 3-306
BAUWENS NV Mozaïek Belgium 9-202
BELLUS FURNITURE Mozaïek Estonia 9-310
BERT PLANTAGIE Holland à la Carte Netherlands P-032
BKS MEUBELEN Holland à la Carte Netherlands P-010
BODILSON Fusion Netherlands 8-204
BONINO EXPO Mozaïek Italy 9-407
BOONE Brussels by night Belgium 6-209
BRINKHAUS Brussels by night Germany 6-412
BRUN DE VIAN-TIRAN Brussels by night France 6-413
BY-BOO Fusion Netherlands 8-210
CALIA ITALIA City Italy 3-406
CALLIGARIS City Italy 4-208
CARLINA Brussels by night Belgium 6-100
CARTEL BEDDING Brussels by night Netherlands 6-201
CARTEL LIVING Holland à la Carte Netherlands P-022
CHAIRZ CLASSO Mozaïek Belgium 9-103
CHEHOMA Fusion Belgium 8-102
CHITA GROUP Holland à la Carte Netherlands P-025
COESEL COLLECTION Square Netherlands 3-202
CONFORM City Sweden 4-300
CONFORTLUXE Mozaïek Belgium 9-207
CORIUM ITALIA City Italy 3-106
CORTI City Portugal 4-203
D & D FURNITURE / TABU LIVING City Belgium 5-300
DAATTI HOME COLLECTION Fusion Belgium 8-400.2
DE EIKEN ZETEL City Belgium 5-404
DE KUSSENFABRIEK Holland à la Carte Netherlands P-033
DE RONDE & DRUBBEL Mozaïek Belgium 9-409
DE TOEKOMST City Netherlands 4-409
DECRU KLEINMEUBELEN Mozaïek Belgium 9-406
DEKIMPE / JC UNIVERSAL City Belgium 4-406
DELTA SALOTTI City Italy 3-004
DEMEYERE MEUBLES City France 4-205
DEMUYNCK Fusion Belgium 8-104/103
DIENNE SALOTTI Square Italy 3-302
Discalsa City Spain 4-311
DIVACO Mozaïek Belgium 9-300
DOLCE SOFA City Romania 3-305
DREVOTVAR Mozaïek Czeck Republic 9-415
DRIMMER City France 4-212
DTP IMPORT Fusion Netherlands 8-118
DULLAERT Mozaïek Belgium 9-408
DV D’SIGN Fusion Belgium 8-309
EASYSOFA City Netherlands 3-105/205
EGOITALIANO City Italy 3-207
ELEONORA MEUBELEN Fusion Netherlands 8-115
ERA GRUPA Square Croatia 3-303
ERELITA FURNITURE City Lithuania 4-102
EUROPEAN FURNITURE Fusion Netherlands 8-405
EVAN City Belgium 3-209
EXPO TRADING HOLLAND Holland à la Carte Netherlands P-002
EXPRESS MOEBEL City Germany 4-207
FLAM & LUCE LUMINAIRES Fusion Portugal 8-404
FMD MOEBEL City Germany 4-200
FODA Fusion Belgium 8-203
FORBED EUROPE Mozaïek Belgium 9-108
FRANCO FERRI City Italy 3-308
FURNINOVA City Sweden 4-300
G&S BELGIUM Fusion Belgium 8-408
GAMI City Belgium 4-308
GEALUX FURNITURE Holland à la Carte Netherlands P-020
GERLIN City Belgium 5-304
GIRARDEAU Mozaïek France 9-204
GLAMOUR SOFA City Italy 3-405
GREEN SLEEP Brussels by night Belgium 6-311
HE DESIGN Holland à la Carte Netherlands P-014
HELA TISCHE / T-F-A Mozaïek Belgium 9-111
HELVETIA MEBLE Mozaïek Poland 9-210
HENK SCHRAM MEUBELEN Fusion Netherlands 8-302
HIMA Mozaïek Belgium 9-205
HJORT KNUDSEN City Denmark 4-403
Holland Bar Stool Co. Mozaïek United States 9-402
Hovden UAB City Lithuania 3-311
HTL City Singapore 3-108/106
HUKLA MÖBEL City Germany 4-111
IDEA bvba Mozaïek Belgium 9-101
IMG AS City Norway 4-001
IMS BENELUX City Netherlands 4-411
INDITIME Import Fusion France 8-401
INFINITI DESIGN City Italy 4-312
JAN KURTZ Square Germany 3-201
JESS DESIGN Holland à la Carte Netherlands P-004
JOLI Square Belgium 3-100
JOOKEN MEUBELFABRIEK Brussels by night Belgium 6-111
K+W Polstermöbel GmbH + Co. KG City Germany 4-314
KARINTRAD Mozaïek Netherlands 9-208
KAUNO BALDAI City Lithuania 4-100
KDB FURN Fusion Belgium 8-108
KESSELS MEUBELATELIERS Holland à la Carte Netherlands P-005
KLUSKENS MEUBELCREATIES Holland à la Carte Netherlands P-012
KOLORADO Mozaïek Bulgaria 9-304
KREAMAT ORIGINAL BEDS Brussels by night Belgium 6-306
KRETSCHMAR Mozaïek Germany 9-106
KT GROUP Mozaïek Denmark 9-400
LABEL51 Holland à la Carte Netherlands P-015
LADIN FURNITURE Mozaïek Turkey 9-114
LECLERCQ & BOUWMAN Holland à la Carte Netherlands P-030
LEDA Fusion Belgium 8-300
LEE & LEWIS City Belgium 5-108
LETICIA MODULAR MATTRESS Brussels by night Slovenia 6-411
LIFETIME KIDSROOMS Kids Corner Denmark 4-305
LIGNA AGENTUUR City Belgium 5-207
LINEA VERDACE Mozaïek Belgium 9-404
LIVORNO SALOTTI EUROPE Mozaïek Belgium 9-107
LS BEDDING Brussels by night Belgium 6-206
M line Brussels by night Netherlands 6-200
MAHOTON SLAAPSYSTEMEN BV Brussels by night Netherlands 6-303
MARETTI LIGHTING Fusion Netherlands 8-412
MARKS M SIA Brand HEAVENS Brussels by night Latvia 6-213
MATHY BY BOLS S.A. Kids Corner Belgium 6-203
MATTZ Fusion Netherlands 8-415
MAX DIVANI City Italy 3-407
MAXFURN Fusion Netherlands 8-306
MECAM City Belgium 5-305
MEDAL City Belgium 5-208/308
Merens Brussels by night Netherlands 6-403
MEUBAR City Belgium 3-210
Meubelfabriek A & A DECRUY City Belgium 4-408
MICHELDENOLF Fusion Belgium 8-200
MOBILIFICIO LM Mozaïek Italy 9-301
MOBITEC City Belgium 4-409
MOBLIBERICA City Spain 5-106
MONDIART Fusion Netherlands 8-407
MOOME City Belgium 5-204
MOTARD Mozaïek France 9-105
MUNARI Square Italy 3-204
NATUZZI EDITIONS City Belgium 3-102
NEO COCOON Square Belgium 3-404
NEO-STYLE City Belgium 5-305
NEYT City Belgium 5-102
NIJWIE FURNITURE / LE CHAIR Fusion Netherlands 8-207
NILL SPRING Brussels by night Belgium 6-212
NIX DESIGN BY PMP FURNITURE Fusion Netherlands 8-310
NOLTE MÖBEL City Germany 4-108
NORMA Brussels by night Netherlands 6-400/401/402
NOUVION Holland à la Carte Netherlands P-034
OPR MOVEIS City Portugal 4-400
ORANJE Mozaïek Netherlands 9-417
PADVAISKAS / T-F-A Mozaïek Belgium 9-113
PAÏDI MÖBEL Kids Corner Germany 4-303
PASSE PARTOUT City Belgium 5-100
PERFECTA City Belgium 5-202
PERZONA Brussels by night Netherlands 6-304
POLDEM GROUPE City Poland 3-409
POLDIMAR BVBA Mozaïek Belgium 9-412
POLE TO POLE Fusion Netherlands 8-403
POLIPOL City Germany 4-109
POLYPREEN Brussels by night Belgium 6-302
PRO-ARTE INTERIEUR Fusion Belgium 8-304
PROBILEX City Netherlands 5-301
PTMD Collection Fusion Netherlands 8-411
RAUCH City Germany 4-112
RECOR BEDDING City Belgium 5-405
RECOR HOME City Belgium 5-406
RECOR ORIGINALS City Belgium 5-406
RESTYL / T-F-A Mozaïek Belgium 9-112
REVOR GROUP Brussels by night Belgium 6-104
RICHMOND INTERIORS Fusion Netherlands 8-418
ROGIERS PAUL Fusion Belgium 8-100/201
ROM City Belgium 5-400
RONALD VERDULT DESIGN Fusion Netherlands 8-109
ROSSINI SRL City Italy 4-206
ROUSSEAU Mozaïek Belgium 9-109
RUBY FIRES Fusion Netherlands 8-110
S.O.U.L. City Sweden 4-300
SERTA NEDERLAND Brussels by night Netherlands 6-404
SEVN Fusion Netherlands 8-112
SINKRO BENELUX Mozaïek Belgium 9-411
SIT DESIGN City Netherlands 4-405
SITINO City Belgium 5-200
SITWELL FURNITURE Mozaïek Belgium 9-110
SOFA-BED by RECOR BEDDING City Belgium 5-407
SPINDER DESIGN BV Holland à la Carte Netherlands P-001
SUMISURA/MEANDER MEUBELEN Holland à la Carte Netherlands P-013
TETRAD Fusion United Kingdom 8-105
THERMOBRASS Mozaïek Belgium 9-403
THEUNS City Belgium 5-105
TOPSTAR City Germany 4-202
UNIC DESIGN City Belgium 5-104
UP2DATE City Belgium 5-308
VAN BELLEGEM Mozaïek Belgium 9-115
VAN HOUDT MEUBELEN Brussels by night Belgium 6-109
VAN LANDSCHOOT Brussels by night Belgium 6-406
VAN OS SLAAPKAMERS Brussels by night Netherlands 6-210
VAN REES & ZOON MEUBELFABRIEK Fusion Netherlands 8-402
VANDECASTEELE Fusion Belgium 8-205
VARAM City Belgium 5-107
VELDEMAN BEDDING Brussels by night Belgium 6-106
VINCE DESIGN Mozaïek Netherlands 9-401
VIPACK Kids Corner Belgium 4-104
WAJNERT MEBLE Mozaïek Poland 9-104
WHITEOAK Square Switzerland 3-400
WILLI SCHILLIG Polstermöbelwerke GmbH & Co.KG City Germany 3-307
WIMEX WOHNBEDARF City Germany 4-211
WOLMAT City Belgium 5-208
XO Interiors Fusion Belgium 8-206
YATSAN Brussels by night Turkey 6-405
YOUNG LINE FURNITURE Mozaïek Belgium 9-100
ZIJLSTRA Mozaïek Netherlands 9-206
ZONS Mozaïek Belgium 9-416